We are all Children of Hiroshima

We Are All Children of Hiroshima

    We are all children of Hiroshima an installation by J. Patrick Doyle at Free Columbia Space on Main, 84 Main Street, Philmont NY 71 mini shrines, a conceptual installation and performances. A conceptional meditation of “memories “ of the instantaneous destruction the atomic bomb. We all carry this as Humans. The essence and […]

Kafka’s Tattoo

Harpooned Productions presently is in pre-production of Kafka’s Tattoo. Inspired and adapted from Franz Kafka’s short story In the Penal Colony. Kafka’s early 20th century vision of torture as the shadow of humanity’s legacy of indifference ….the “machine” which tattoos the condemned victim in a macabre artistic calligraphy. The mesmerized officer in charge is enamored […]

Legs of the Moon

The story is about two young girls , one 12 the other 9 . They are taken from their widower father when an enchantress of the spirit of black oil , one who eats the legs of  Moonlight , takes them off on her carriage pulled by the giant horses of darkness . She takes […]

Eckersley Shakespeare Trust

Web design and branding for the Eckersley Shakespeare Trust. The Trust is keen to see the scholarly continuance of that research for which Sylvia Eckersley gave the lead, especially the furtherance of our understanding of the role and nature of Number and Geometry in the field of creative activity and particularly in the plays of […]