Legs of the Moon

The story is about two young girls , one 12 the other 9 . They are taken from their widower father when an enchantress of the spirit of black oil , one who eats the legs of  Moonlight , takes them off on her carriage pulled by the giant horses of darkness . She takes them to her subterranean liar where the engines of fire and smoke spew the poison of oil and grease . The Father has to appeal to the ancient Druid for help . Given three clues Father only has the 28 day cycle of the Moon to retrieve the girls from the spell . His journey to find his daughters and the trials of the two girls is a right of passage for them all .

A graphic novel by J. Patrick Doyle and Illustrator Gwen Sherman . 





IMG_0164Gwendolyn Sherman is a Waldorf School graduate. She attended the Aegean School of Fine Art in Paros, Greece and has apprenticed with a graphic designer. She has worked as an illustrator, graphic and landscape designer, and sculptor. She is currently living in Columbia County, New York working as a freelance artist and wooden toymaker.