Imbolc Riverfire

Imbolc Riverfire 2/2/19

A festival celebrating the (early )spring with fire , light , pageantry , song ,dance , spectacle , music , and visuals with performance . The artistic theme will establish a festival for the benefit of the community both local and regional . The intent will be for a northeast regional presence . Proximity to New York City , the Capital district of Albany and Boston insures that the region will be represented . The participation of the 4 Camphills and the various communities in this Hudson and Columbia / Greene counties creates a base to support this festival .
The creation of the 2019 festival will be dependent on a subscription campaign in advance in order to create and fabricate the props and sets and effects for the festival . The performance artists and community groups that are participating will ensure a quality experience for success of the festival . The advance publicity and contacts that will be in-house at Basilica Hudson will generate a significant factor for additional participation and success of the 2019 festival .
Festival Themes
The festival will be based on a theme of the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone . An Elysian festival of fire and light . The event begins with a pageant of participants indicating the conflict between winter and spring . The theme is the metamorphosis of Demeter in three different forms as she searches for her daughter , Persephone who has been abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld ( winter )as his bride as arranged by Zeus his brother. Demeter transforms into an Eagle to search the Earth for Persephone in the air . This Eagle will appear in the nave of the Basilica Hudson as a flying force. The flight of the Eagle across the earth is unsuccessful for Demeter and in a Talisen like transformation becomes a lion ( again a giant construct that will walk across the hall with the beat of the heart and breathing ) . This will be taken on by the speech and movement chorus . The rhythm of the Eagle is of a fast beat . The Lion is the rhythm of breathing and blood and therefore the heart beat . The final metamorphosis is into an Ox ( a giant construct and pageant wagon with drums that sound the thunder of the earth ) . This is the pounding of the earth to reveal the secrets and wisdom of the Earth and to reveal the whereabouts of Persephone . Hecate and her vintage of three women with candles are summoned by this final rousing of sound . The appearance of Persephone in the form of a giant array of yellow and white flags , banners and standards in an anthropomophic shape will meet with the ensemble of participants . These are rendered by the speech chorus and musicians and performance artists .
Before and after the performance outside will be constructs for fire . Patrick Jansen and Dominic Wolf’s fire scultpture and fire spinners will be set up in the courtyard and South of the Basilica Hudson . Fireworks will be set on constructs of fencing and wire and wilily gigs for close to the ground fireworks . A brazier consisting of a pit in the earth will be prepared for the ‘warming ‘ of the earth and a earth candle . All of these details will be created and designed by groups interested in producing them .
Andes Manta will play at the end with a dancing and reveling celebration of the coming of spring .
Imbolc Riverfire

Imbolc is a cross quarter day in the Celtic calendar between winter solstice and spring equinox . It is also called Candlemas, St. Bridget’s and Groundhog Day , marking the beginning of Spring and return of the light.

Imbolc Riverfire is a festival performance inspired by
the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone.
Fire, spectacle , performance and music in an epic production .

Imbolc Riverfire begins its creation in September of 2018 with a ‘Patron of Candlemas‘ subscription . This early purchase will fund the making of the props, costumes, pageant wagons . A $30 donation will include a reserved seat and a memento of the event on February 2 ,2019 . There is a limit of 400 members.
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