Production History

Selected productions.

Planet of the Arts

Solstice event designed to feature the Planetary Peace Chimes of J. Patrick Doyle. A three month installation on the grounds of the Tampa Museum of Art. J.Patrick Doyle created and produced The Planet of the Arts, a complex and overwhelming public art installation which dominated the entire grounds of the Tampa Museum of Art for […]

Phoenixville Firebird Festival, 2011

Firebird Mission Statement The Firebird Festival is an annual celebration of the borough’s namesake – the Phoenix. Its mission is to foster a collaboration of local artistic and creative talent, and to enhance the cultural life of Phoenixville. These goals are achieved through the festival itself, and through the use of funds generated by the […]

Basilica Industria

The Basilica Industria (Basilica Hudson)  is a 19th Century industrial relic that has been adapted to a 21st Century cultural center. The intrinsic nature of its architecture speaks to the historic beauty of Hudson’s built environment just as its relationship to the South Bay and Hudson River and Catskill Mountains is a part of the […]

Time Master

The Time Master played before 50,000 attendees of the initial New Years Eve First Night in Tampa Florida . Every 30 minutes beginning at 8pm a five minute vignette would be performed . Like a giant clock the animated puppet would activate and the strings of time would manipulate “ Humanity” who was suspended to […]