Basilica Industria

The Basilica Industria (Basilica Hudson)  is a 19th Century industrial relic that has been adapted to a 21st Century cultural center. The intrinsic nature of its architecture speaks to the historic beauty of Hudson’s built environment just as its relationship to the South Bay and Hudson River and Catskill Mountains is a part of the natural beauty of the Hudson River Valley.

From the beginning, Doyle and Smith envisioned the Basilica Industria as a per- formance space and place of assembly. In its initial event September 15, 2001, the Basilica Industria and the Hudson Opera House created an event open to anyone searching for a place to gather just days after the tragedy of 9/11. More than seven hundred people gathered for a communal fire ritual to honor those who perished.

Since that time, the Basilica Industria has provided a place for theater, opera, music, art, dance, non-profit fundraising, activism both political and environmental, celebrations, weddings, and community events.

Basilica Hudson under the Creative Directors, musician Melissa Auf der Maur and filmmaker, Tony Stone draw on their experience within their respective fields to bring music, art, theater, film that is the continiuing mission of the once Basilica Industria in the dynamic venue of the Basilica Hudson. 

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