Happenstance Theater

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Happenstance Theater is an award-winning company founded in 2006 by Sabrina Mandell and Mark Jaster. The Washington City Paper says, “Happenstance Theater’s ensemble comedy is a gut-busting kind of funny.” The Washington Post describes their work as “visually striking and whimsical without being precious,” and calls Happenstance “DC’s leading peddler of whimsy.”
Happenstance Theater’s ensemble harvests imagery from the past and re-contextualizes it in works that address eternal themes of life and death. With the simplest means: humor, music, silence, text and beauty, they seek to elevate the moment when the performers and audience meet, to lift the encounter beyond the daily and pedestrian into the realms of dreams, poetry, and art. Meaning is often found by happenstance.
Harpooned Productions and Free Columbia present:
brouhaha July 19 – 7pm * preposterous July 20 – 2pm
BROUHAHA is a comedic, existential escapade in which a troupe of eccentrics walks the precipice at the end of the world. Their play lights up the darkness like a firecracker. www.HappenstanceTheater.com
PREPOSTEROUS! is a sophisticated, family-friendly, pocket-sized Theatrical clown circus.
10 Canal Street , Philmont, ny 12565